Innovate Northeast Florida Reports

Innovate Northeast Florida, the original five-year strategic plan for JAXUSA Partnership and the Northeast Florida Regional Council, worked to identify the target industries and sub-clusters that would stimulate future economic growth and create an action plan for growing those industries in the seven-county JAX region. The Innovate plan launched in 2012.

The findings of Innovate Northeast Florida are captured in a series of reports:

Click here to download the Education Infrastructure Assessment and find out how Northeast Florida’s educational programs align with the region’s economic development targets.

Click here to download the Implementation Plan Executive Summary and learn about what the region will do to further improve its economy over the next five years.

Click here to download the Competitive Assessment report and see an in-depth evaluation of Northeast Florida’s economy and competitive position.

Click here to download the Target Sub-Cluster Definition Executive Summary and find out which industries will be the focus of economic development and workforce development activities going forward.

Click here to download the Innovate Northeast Florida 2012 - 2016 Accomplishments Overview to see the major successes of the strategies in talent, entrepreneurship and innovation, business climate, marketing, physical infrastructure, and industry updates.